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masks are one-time use, means that you need to change them anytime you've been in contact with people and public facilities, the world need trillion masks everyday to fight against coronavirus ( covid-19 ), we have stock, we produce everyday for your safety.

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Don't use same mask more than one time

The Mask rules

It is important to know that both 3PLY and N95 mask are single use items, 3PLY can be weared up to 6h and N95 up to 10 hours.

Gestures for your safety

Clean your hand before taking a mask to put it, also clean your hands after taking it off, you can also wear gloves during this operation.

Masks for everyone

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Don't let Coronavirus spread the world

Wearing mask help fighting against Coronavirus

Safe Trash

Try to put all your masks in a closed bag to avoid contaminate trash or garbage men

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