Frequently Asked Questions

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When should I wear a surgical mask?
When should I wear a surgical mask?

You should wear a surgical mask when you have respiratory symptoms: cough, sneeze, snot ... or when you have a COVID-19 certified diagnosis.

When should I wear a KN95 mask?

When you want to avoid contagion in public places or when you have direct contact with a sick person.

How can I put on the mask properly?


  • Wash your hands before putting on your mask.
  • Check that the mask is not damaged.
  • Avoid having facial hair, hair, jewelry or other objects between the mask and your skin.
  • Take the mask and hold it in the palm of your hand. Place it from under the chin to above the nose.
  • Place the STRIPS WITHOUT CROSSING: the upper one at the top of the head and the lower one below the ears around the neck.
  • Model the metal hook (if the mask has one) on both sides of the nose.
  • Check that it is adjusted correctly and that the air is not filtered. If air leaks from the sides of the mask, readjust the bands.


How can I take off the mask?

  • Remove the mask always touching the nape of the neck without touching the front.
  • After inadvertently removing or touching a used mask, wash your hands with soap and water or a hydroalcoholic solution.

How can I discard the mask?

Dispose of the mask in a closed container immediately after use or in a separate bag that you should close immediately afterward. Remember that disposable masks cannot be reused.

Am I 100% protected if I wear a mask?

It is very important that you continue to maintain the safety regulations when you wear the mask. Hand hygiene should be important even if you wear the mask, as well as maintaining safe distances.

How long takes the delivery?

Delivery usually takes 8 to 10 days according to the current situation

Are the Maskovid’s masks certified?

All our masks are certified, you can send us an email at if you want us to send you proof.